Lydia is a freelance filmmaker, with a background in visual anthropology. The lens of anthropology strongly informs her visual style and approach to non-fiction storytelling. Her work explores how anthropology, art and film interrelate to produce informative and accessible media that challenges dominant narratives. 
Lydia's projects have included producing online film shorts for arts organisations and charities as well as longer narrative documentaries. In 2018, she received funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council to produce a documentary on the topic of multilingualism in Britain. Her films have also explored topics such as peace and reconciliation work, colonial legacies in multi-ethnic communities, interfaith dialogue, art therapy, domestic violence and mindfulness. 
Lydia is also the co-founder of Alternative Fictions, a collective of visual anthropologists who use film, events and new media to make anthropology more accessible to wider audiences, beyond academia.